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Shisong Cardiac Center

CPS-USA Platform for Development

Shisong Cardiac Center Testifies

23 May 2015 , author: Nicoline Barah – Public Relations Officer, Shisong Cardiac Center

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The exchange of ideas and sharing of experience can always serve as a catalyst for many initiatives in our contemporary society. The Cardiac Center of Saint Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital, Shisong is one of such health facilities that continues to challenge people of goodwill particularly Cameroonians the world over to bring on board professionals, networks and institutions that can change the lives of cardiac patients in Cameroon particularly the underprivileged.

Networking with organizations in Cameroon and beyond, so far, has been the secret to the glowing success of the Shisong Cardiac Center. The Cameroon Professional Society (CPS) is one of such networks that has taken the form of a facilitator and an enabler with regard to direct and indirect contributions to the Cardiac Center. Last August 01-02, 2014, the General Manager of the Cardiac Center, Sr. Jethro Nkenglefac accompanied by Dr. Sr. Helen Anshoma participated at the 2014 CPS Congress in the USA. This Congress was a platform for the Cardiac Center to share its achievements and challenges. Barely ten months from this great encounter, the Cardiac Center continues to reminisce about its experience with the CPS.

Impact of the 2014 CPS Congress
Prior to the CPS Congress of August 2014, the Cardiac Center faced some hurdles that could be attributed to inadequate exposure to stakeholders in Cameroon and beyond. Today the picture is different as the Center continues to overcome these challenges thanks to a good rapport established during the last CPS Congress. Different institutions and professionals whose services impact directly or indirectly on the Cardiac Center are beginning to respond to pertinent issues raised by this Cardio-Surgical Health Facility:
  • The Management of Energy of Cameroon (ENEO) last November 04, 2014 visited the Cardiac Center after the General Managers, Sr. Jethro Nkenglefac and Mr. Joel Nana Kontchou, met at the CPS Congress. The Cardiac Center’s outstanding arrears of electricity bills worth twenty one million (21,000,000) FCFA for over three years were cleared in January 2015. Discussions are underway to revise the electricity tariff or billing system of the Cardiac Center from B1 to B2.
  • Companies like General Electric Healthcare (GE), MA-ES and ICONProd Africa, whose executives – Mr. Ngu Morcho, Mr. Brice Asopjio, and Mr. Lionel Tousse were equally present at the CPS Congress, have indicated their imminent visits to Shisong. These visits are envisaged to exchange and explore avenues for collaboration.
  • Collaboration with the PATCHA Foundation, facilitated by introduction from the CPS, is working and the Cardiac Center would join this Foundation again in June 2015 to screen people in Cameroon for different diseases in Edea and Kribi.
  • Collaboration with a visiting American Cardiac Anesthesiologist, Dr Ellen M. Dailor has been strengthened. Dr Dailor has been working with the Resident team in Shisong and operated 13 patients during her last visit in February 2015. During their visit to attend the CPS Congress, Sr. Jethro Nkenglefac and Sr. Dr. Helen Anshoma visited with Dr. Dailor in Rochester, NY where they visited the University of Rochester Medical Center.
  • The Franciscan Mission Outreach (FMO), a US based organization joined Micro Donations (Mi-Do), an Italian organization to sponsor underprivileged patients in Cameroon. The FMO has sponsored open-heart surgery of 04 patients. Together, they have sponsored 22 patients.
  • Private contributions have been received from individuals in the USA.
  • Seat of Wisdom Ex-Students Association (SWESA) USA has been supporting the Cardiac Center financially.
The different forms of assistance given to the Cardiac Center after the 2014 CPS Congress have been sustaining the Center and these contributions are immeasurable considering their impact on the institution and its beneficiaries.
The CPS as per the experience of the Cardiac Center is a platform for development and networking.

Nkam Mongwa Testifies

On Monday Nov 23rd 2015, we set out from our home in Ntamulung, Bamenda. I wasn’t sure how we would get there but I had sent an SMS to Sr Jethro Sunday evening that I would be showing up on Monday. One of the good things about driving in Cameroon is just asking around for directions and folks help out. I even asked the unscrupulous security officials trying to extort some money out of me. C’est le Cameroun! Now because I do have a Camer driver’s license, national ID and all required car documents, I was never really pinned for lack of anything except this one officer who said I needed a fire extinguisher in the car. I got to drive through some town names I recall hearing as a kid… Jakiri, Banso, Kumbo. Good thing about 2/3 of the road from Bamenda to Shisong is tarred with some bad spots here and there. The remaining 1/3 to Shisong remains untarred and I can only imagine how horrible driving them in the rainy season can be.

Driving through the vast undulating terrain was breathtaking, the serene hills, the winding mountains, the beautiful flora that makes the grasslands, driving up and up and up the Oku hills, through the dusty roads, crossing locally made bridges and back onto tarred roads, driving past villagers going on with their activities… I was just giddy, excited, unstoppable in my quest to reach this marvelous place where open heart surgery was done in Cameroon.


And after some three hours of driving, we reached Shisong Cardiac Center sometime about 3pm. We spent some time with Sr Jethro who was busy, busy, busy (good thing we arrived at end of official work hours). She assigned one of her assistants to give us a tour of the facility. Impressive. I was keen on seeing what anesthesia and health related resources are used (FYI… I practice anesthesia) and my brother inquired on how SCC could benefit from Microsoft for Africa. Apparently Microsoft has some initiative in place to engage Africa’s economic development.

And then some fufu corn with njama njama to top it off. About 5.30p, I started the drive back to Bamenda this time down, down down…Worth every bit of it… All thanks to CPS



About the Shisong Cardiac Center

The Cardiac Center at Shisong is the premier Cardiac Trauma center in Cameroon, run by the Tetiary Sisters, and provides Cardiac Surgery and ASD Closure, diagnostic and Interventional Catheterisation, Coronary Angiography, Diagnostic Coronarography, Pace Maker double and single chamber. The CPS is proud to be a friend, supporter, and partner of this wonderful hospital. Visit Shisong Caradiac Center’s webpage for more information.