Oath of Office

General Counsel: By the powers vested on me by the By-Laws of the Cameroon Professional Society, please repeat after me.


I, ___________________________ do solemnly swear (or affirm)
that I will respect the By-laws of the Cameroon Professional Society to the fullest of my ability.
I will, during my tenure,discharge my duties and responsibilities impartially and faithfully.
I will work tirelessly to promote the objectives of the CPS throughout the world.
I take this oath freely and not under coercion or pressure.

General Counsel: Congratulations Sir/Ma’am.

The Oath of Office is administered by the General Counsel of the CPS. In his/her absence, the Deputy Counsel – Internal Affairs administers the Oath. The Deputy Counsel – External Affairs will administer the Oath in the absence of the General Counsel or the Deputy Counsel –Internal Affairs.

The Oath of Office is administered for the following positions:

All Board of Trustees members,
Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer,
Chief Operating Officer,
Chief Human Resource Officer,
General Counsel,
Chief Marketing Officer,
Executive Secretary, and
Program Directors