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Membership Eligibility

Membership Eligibility

Full membership is open to Cameroonian, African and other nationals with vested interest in Cameroon and African affairs living in the USA or abroad regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion or political affiliation, and irrespective of whether or not they have acquired any other foreign citizenship. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to request evidence in support for any application to become a Fellow of the CPS. Membership is also extended to college students who subscribe to and agree with the vision and mission of CPS as determined by the Board of Trustees. As a CPS Member you agree to uphold the professional standards and expectations of the organization and fully support the CPS Mission and Vision.

Membership Categories

Fellows of the CPS (FCPS)

The CPS Fellow designation is awarded to select CPS Associate members who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the goals of the Cameroon Professional Society. Fellows are nominated annually to the Board of Trustees by the Nominating Committee and inducted annually during the Distinguished Annual Congress of the CPS. CPS Fellows are professionals in various fields of specialty. The number of Fellows is limited by the CPS bylaws to be no more than 10% of the total CPS membership. They hold at least a bachelors or Associates degree and are nominated based on demonstrated participation in CPS activities and work within the Cameroonian community. They are the highest ranking members of the CPS. Only current CPS Fellows can submit a Fellow Nomination. These members are strongly encouraged to submit worthy candidates for this special membership classification. The deadline for nominations is March 1st


  • Cameroonian, African or other professional
  • Current Associate CPS Member
  • Resident in the United States
  • Holds at least a college degree from an associates or bachelors degree program
  • Must be nominated by a current Fellow of the CPS


  • Current on annual dues: $50
  • Participate in CPS symposiums
  •  Submit at least 3 articles annually to the CPS official publication.
  • Lead a CPS program

Associates of the CPS

Associates are general members of the CPS and are Cameroonian, African or any other professional with vested interest in Cameroon and Africa residing in the United States. Must have at least a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for membership. This also includes graduate students . Exemption to the education requirements are; professional artists & athletes, highly successful business men and women.


  • Cameroonian, African or any other professional
  • Resident in the United States
  • Holds at least an Associate or  Bachelors degree *

*see exemption


  • Current on membership dues
  • Active participation in CPS symposiums nationwide
  • Active participation in at least 1 standing committee
  • Annual Dues: $50

International Affiliates

International members are Cameroonian professionals residing in countries other than the United States. They must hold a minimum of an Associates or Bachelor’s degree and must meet all the requirements to be an Associate of the CPS. International members enjoy the benefits offered by the CPS to all Associates.


  • Cameroonian professional


  • Current on membership dues
  • Active participation  in one of  the CPS standing committees
  • Annual Dues: $50

Student Affiliates

Student membership is extended to Cameroonian, African and other students with vested interest in Cameroon and Africa currently enrolled in a  full-time or pat-time undergraduate degree program in the United States.

  • Proof of student status required
  • Annual Dues: $25
  • Active participation in CPS internal operations
  • Active participation in CPS community activities

Honorary Member

An Honorary Member is an individual who has attained acknowledged eminence in his/her profession and/or within the Cameroonian community. Whether elected from the membership of the CPS or from beyond its rolls, Honorary Members are entitled to all the privileges of the CPS and are exempt from the payment of entrance fees and annual dues. The total number of Honorary Fellows elected in any year should not exceed one for every 300 CPS members. Members of the Board of Trustees are ineligible for election to honorary membership during their terms of active membership on the Board.

Institutional Members

Institutional members are institutions, businesses or non-profit organizations who choose to be members of the CPS. They should be organizations that have the betterment of Cameroon and Africa as stated goals.Leaders of these organizations have free access to all CPS activities and have access to the CPS database for marketing purposes (some restrictions apply). Please contact the CPS for additional information.

Cessation and Termination of Membership

Membership ceases when the registered member dies, discontinues the payment of her/his dues for more than ONE YEAR, expressly resigns, or is dismissed in accordance with rules set up by the Board of Trustees.

The CPS reserves the right  to change membership dues at anytime with approval from the Board of Trustees. Any changes will be followed by an immediate notification to currently  active members. Active members are given the option to continue or terminate  membership with any new changes.