Dwayne Ricks

20160227_121503My name is Dwayne Ricks and I am an African-American member and supporter of the CPS. I am an ARRT Certified Radiology Technologist and ARRT Certified CT Tech (Computer Tomography). I also have worked as a Special Procedures Technologist in Angiography. I gained this experience over the course of 25 years at Grady Memorial Hospital (now Grady Health System) in downtown Atlanta Ga – a major level-one trauma/teaching facility for Emory and Morehouse Medical schools.

I learned about the CPS from Mr. Tedonzone Tchoutozo, originally from Batcham Cameroon and now the President of AAGA, The African Association of Ga., of which I am a member. Through our friendship and association I have learned a great deal about Cameroon and especially a particular clinic I hope to visit in Kumba – The St. Francis Poly-Clinic run by Dr. Eben, a wonderful man I have talked to by phone and now hope to meet. Mr. Techoutozo has introduced me to other wonderful Cameroonians like Chief Dr. Greg Fonsah and Dr. Akwo Elonge, whose book, “The Cameroon Parliament 1940 – 1990“, I read to help me gain a better understanding of Cameroon history.

I look forward to meeting other brothers and sisters in our organization and community, especially the members in direct healthcare roles. Please feel free to contact me through the CPS at anytime as I am trying to learn as much as I can before I go. Even bought a French Rosseta Stone Program!!

Thank you for your time and may God Bless Africa, Cameroon and you.

Please contact Dwayne through info@cpsociety.org