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Cynthia Tabe – Owner, ModeMaison PR Agency, Douala Cameroon

The Cameroon Professional Society, CPS, is proud to recognize Ms. Cynthia Tabe, an exemplary Cameroonian professional.

Cynthia Tabe is a London based Cameroon born Public Relations (PR) fop and African brand scout for boutiques with a particular interest in the promotion, marketing, branding and the development of the African Fashion Industry and the Cameroon entertainment industry.

Her passion for these industries kick-started in 2008 when she started the “Dulce Camer” blog, a blog that discovers, promotes, and encourages young and old talents within the creative industry in Cameroon to do better and to excel at their craft. 5 Years on, Dulce Camer is still one of the most known and most visited entertainment blogs giving access to emerging names through regular posts and the annual “Dulce Camer Top 50 Talent” to watch list compiled every January 1st.

From blogging came the next phase of her passion – fashion. Also founded in 2008 was the luxury annual fashion event in London termed “CamerCouture Fashion Showcase” initially created to promote and educate the main public about the fashion design talents from her native Cameroon within an environment that was never before witnessed of an “African” fashion show. The passion and creative juices flowed well throughout the CamerCouture team and the end result brought to life months of hard work and careful detailing. The show later opened its doors to design talents from across Africa and through this show she worked with brands including Kosibah, Eki Orleans, Martial Tapolo, KiRette Couture, Anggy Haif, Côté Minou and Cannes based brand; Olivia Ervi. The premiere of the CamerCouture Fashion Showcase was published on BBC online platform gaining many encouraging reviews and feedback. Other publication/press coverage of the event included New African Woman magazine, Amina, Fashizblack online.

Cynthia loves her role as a PR/Marketing and Branding consultant at ModeMaison PR; a boutique PR agency she owns and runs with her assistant Karen Ayungwa that specialises in fashion, beauty, music, film, lifestyle and luxury brands across the African and mainstream arena based in Bonamoussadi, Douala with an affordable rental service known as Ward*Robe @ Studio 25. Clients on the ModeMaison PR roster past and present include Paris/Dakar based Adama Paris, Accra based Mina Evans, Liiber London, Paris based My Miry, Stanley Enow, Nabil Nabstar, Daddy Black, London based Path to Possibilities as well as film producer Nkanya Nkwai.

Cynthia is also a published writer with published articles in FabAfriq Magazine, BushFaller Magazine, Mimi Magazine online and a regular contributing fashion writer and analyst at Africa Fashion Guide online as well as her own blog www.fah-schyon.blogspot.com

Cynthia Tabe has a modern languages degree from the University of Manchester, fluent in English, French and Spanish and has lived in Nigeria, Cameroon, the UK, France and Spain. She also works full time for a large multi national Insurer within the London Insurance Market with a responsibility that focuses on the African continent.

Her overall vision is to use her experience and know how in PR to improve and effect the Cameroon entertainment industry to enable a better export of the brands within this industry thus enabling them to live from their talent and to assist them to match the standards that we see throughout the continent and internationally.

You can contact Cynthia using the following contact references:

Twitter: @Brownschuga

Personal Blog: www.fah-schyon.blogspot.com

ModeMaison PR Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR

ModeMaison Blog: http://modemaisonpr.wordpress.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ModeMaisonPR

Dulce Camer Blog: www.dulcecamer.blogspot.com

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