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As part of the CPS mission to nurture tomorrows leaders today, we created the CPS Advisory Network. This *FREE* program offers the opportunity for  new immigrants, college and graduate students and any other professional seeking career advise to connect with experienced  Cameroonian professionals from various industries and diverse educational background. The CPS Advisory Network is part of the CPS Mentoring Program and falls under the CPS Programs division. Advisers will be matched with individuals based on various factors such as industry expertise or resume assistance skills. If you are interested in joining the CPS Advisory Network as an adviser please click and  complete the Recruitment Form below. If you are seeking professional advise from our Advisory Network please complete the Advice Request Form below.

Important notice: In other to receive advice through the CPS Advisory Network please download and complete Professional Advice Request form below and send it to programs@cpsociety.org. Our advisors will only respond to individuals who complete this form. If you donot complete this form this will on delay any attempts to request advice through this program. If you need help filling the form do not hesistate to send your questions to programs@cpsociety.org.

Adviser Recruitment Form

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Professional Advice Request Form

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