CPS Volunteer Corps

The CPS Volunteer Corps was initiated to provide Cameroonian and non-Cameroonian experts, professionals and philanthropists the opportunity to give back to Cameroon with emphasis on service. With the Volunteer Corps, individuals with variable skill sets will have the opportunity to visit and provide volunteer services at hospitals, medical clinics, the private sector, primary and secondary schools as well as universities in Cameroon. Individuals with expertise in business and management will partner with young ventures in Cameroon. The CPS will also establish volunteers services in communities where the CPS members reside and work. Such services may include but are not limited to Health fare, Blood drive participation, Soup kitchen volunteers and assistance during declared emergencies /disasters. The CPS will coordinate various volunteer trips to Cameroon as well as other areas in need. For example the CPS made its presence in the disaster stricken nation of Haiti in April of 2011 with Kevin Ousman who spent 8 days working in one of the relief Hospitals in Port au Prince. The CPS, through its volunteer corp hopes to encourage young Cameroonians on the value of service and giving back.
If interested in donating or participating in this great program, please contact Mr. Kevin Ousman at info@cpsociety.org