CPS Mentoring Program


The CPS’ mission stresses that its “goal is to nurture a robust network of Cameroonian professionals from all segments of the society to share ideas, elevate and empower each other as well as nurture anew generation of effective leaders” The CPS mission also stresses that in order to “fundamentally transform our communities” we need to “leverage the expertise, leadership and extensive networks of Cameroonian and African professionals both in the United States and abroad”.In light of this mission, the CPS has decided to implement its mentorship program. This program will allow the CPS to match mentors from the USA on a 1 to 1 basis with students, aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals etc thereby providing opportunities for intellectual and knowledge transfer.

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For more information about the role and responsibilities of the CPS mentor and mentee please visit the document link below


If you have questions about this program please send all inquiries to programs@cpsociety.org