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CPS Manifesto


The Republic of Cameroon is blessed with a wealth of natural resources, rich in geological diversity and possesses one of Africa’s most literate populations. Its beautiful beaches, deserts and rainforests, savannas and mountains not only make it extremely unique, but provide a natural platform to propel it into one of Africa’s greatest touristic attraction.

Despite having one of the highest Gross Domestic Product in sub-Saharan Africa, our country continues to perform poorly on all social and economic fronts: underdeveloped agricultural opportunities, inept economic and infrastructural development, absence of a true democracy, the lack of basic social welfare and human rights, and wanting in healthcare resources and delivery. As Cameroons’ neighbors make significant progress in these areas, it is now increasingly evident that immediate action is necessary to address this situation.   Despite:

  • the linguistic, ethnic and cultural diversity of the Cameroonian people,
  • the spatial distances that impede the physical meetings of likeminded persons,
  • the absence of an independently structured media forum to highlight the plight in our communities and country,

we, Cameroonians, have united in the creation of the Cameroon Professional Society.

We do recognize that every Cameroonian has the ability to positively change our communities and as Cameroonian professionals we are especially enlightened, capable and adequately resourced to influence these changes both in the diaspora and in our motherland. As a people, we have been involved in academic training on effective communication and have gained exposure working in diverse teams to achieve a common goal.

Our goal is to nurture a robust network of Cameroonian professionals from all segments of the society to share ideas, elevate and empower each other as well as nurture a new generation of effective leaders.

We will leverage Cameroonian professionals and highlight the social changes in our communities, the deteriorating state of Cameroons’ economic, social and infrastructural status and aggressively seek the implementation of progressive policies to effect positive change.

In doing so, the Cameroon Professional Society (CPS) uphold the foregoing as founding principles and resolutions.


Power of every Cameroonian

We believe in the ability of every Cameroonian citizen to participate in the development of our motherland. By applying our individual leadership, expertise (academic or technical), networks (large or small), and locations (in Cameroon or abroad) we each have an opportunity to bring valuable contributions towards our development.  The Cameroonian professional has served as a leader at one or numerous phases from the family to college organizations to corporate and governmental entities. In walking this path, the Cameroonian professional has been affiliated with colleagues, friends, professors, supervisors and acquaintances of different backgrounds, persuasions, orientations, religions, career paths and personalities. Our individual wealth of exposure and experience empowers us individually to seek a common good collectively.

Cameroonian Unity

Though a diverse group of people – from the Fulani of the North to the Equatorial Bantus, from the Highlanders to the pygmies of the East – we believe in a united and indivisible Cameroon. We believe in the sovereignty of this unique triangle of people, cohabitating in the interest of our nation.

Human Rights for All

We believe in a Cameroonian society where the respect for individual rights, the right to choose, the respect for human dignity and the adherence to the stipulations of the Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are the norms of the day. We categorically reject torture – in all its forms, we reject the intimidation of the Cameroonian people and completely oppose the stigmatization of ethnic, tribal and gender minorities. Every man and woman is entitled to free speech within the confines of the law. In this context, every man or woman is to be respected as an equal stakeholder in the welfare of Cameroon.

Respect of the Law

The Laws of the land as defined by the Cameroon Constitution were created to shape politics, economics and society in numerous ways and serve as a primary social mediator in relations between people. We therefore champion the strong belief that, no one individual, groups of individuals or community is beyond the laws of the land as defined by the Constitution, traditional law and international norms.

Universal Freedoms

We believe in the freedom of self-expression without fear of intimidation, reprisal or isolation. We believe in the potential of an independent press as a critical vehicle of economic, social and democratic progress and reject the manipulation of organs for self interests. As with other citizens of the world, we profess a freedom of association, a freedom of religious participation and political affiliation.

Progressive Policies

We believe in policies that advance the wellbeing of every Cameroonian, individually and as a nation. Such policies include those that address sustainable development of healthcare, education and economic interests of the Cameroonian people. We prioritize the interest of all Cameroonians most importantly as a group. Prior to the execution of initiatives and ventures it must be clear that Cameroonians stand to gain value at least in tandem with other non-Cameroonian groups.


We believe that as responsible citizens, we individually hold equal stakes in the welfare of our communities and Cameroon. In this context, and without compromising national security, we believe that we are entitled to information concerning policies affecting the Cameroonian people. Therefore, we expect our leaders to be forthright with us and to encourage a healthy discourse on matters that are of interest to the Cameroonian people.

Equality – Non-discrimination

We strongly oppose discrimination amongst Cameroonians on the basis of tribal groups, ethnic communities, religious affiliations, political identification or linguistic preferences. We believe in gender equality and the shared inclusion of every Cameroonian in the benefits accorded by our economic resources.


It is hereby resolved that the Cameroon Professional Society (CPS) will serve as the mechanism to uphold these principles and the foregoing resolutions.

  1. The Cameroon Professional Society is a not-for-profit organization of Cameroonian professionals and individuals interested in the development and prosperity of Cameroon. Through its various activities, the CPS represents the interests of Cameroonian professionals in particular and Cameroonians in general.

  2. Through it membership, the CPS will expand the academic and economic opportunities of recent graduates by liaising with veteran Cameroonian professionals in various specialties.

  3. Our membership is diverse and spans across ethnic lines, political affiliations, tribal lines or linguistic preferences. The CPS does not discriminate on the basis of tribal origins, religious or sexual preference.

  4. The CPS will operate on a principle of national unity – Programs and ventures will reflect a one and indivisible Cameroon which does not represent the interest of secessionist groups, or specific tribal and/or ethnic groups.

  5. The CPS portrays visible leadership in the Cameroonian community and internationally with the goal of inspiring the sprouting of a new generation of patriotic and effective leaders. We consider it absolutely critical to nurture the young generation to take up leadership roles in their communities.

  6. With seasoned recognition, an organized initiative will successfully lobby institutions, non-governmental organization, ministries in Cameroon and other facets of policy making, through whitepapers and position memoranda, and symposia with the goal of improving Cameroonian communities and the development of Cameroon.

  7. The CPS will empower individuals and other groups of Cameroonians through exemplary initiatives so that individually and collectively Cameroonians will feel empowered to actively participate in the growth of the country. A successfully organized initiative of this magnitude will positively re-define the reputation which Cameroonians command across the oceans.

  8. Through a wide array of communication mediums (including physical and click media), the CPS will educate individuals and groups of Cameroonians on how to become involved in this larger effort to underscore the welfare of Cameroonians at home and abroad.

  9. The CPS will advocate for the social welfare of Cameroonians on numerous fronts, including healthcare, education, family and general living standards. In conjunction with the aforementioned principles, the CPS will work with all interested parties on the development of the Cameroonian professional community and the development of Cameroon.


These are critical times and we call on all Cameroonian professionals to join this movement, to contribute their talents, expertise and diverse networks in order to grow the Cameroonian community and effect positive change in Cameroon. The time for non-constructive critique is over.  Now is the time for us all to unite and make a difference.