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CPS Dallas Hub

What is the CPS Hub?

The CPS hub is part of our national growth strategy and involves the establishment of local active groups or hubs to support our mission and vision. The CPS Hub falls under the Marketing and Programs division of CPS.

 What is the goal of the hub?

  • Establish a solid network base with Cameroonian and African professionals
  • Encourage networking among Cameroonian and African professionals
  • Developing ideas of professionalism amongst Africans.
  • All members belong to the CPS, but each hub has the liberty to create statewide activities.

Where are the locations of the hub?

  • DMV( Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia), Atlanta, Houston, Dallas

What type of activities to expect at the hub?

  • Local Social networking events,
  • Fundraising events,
  • Educational presentations e.g. topics such as African Small Business: Implementing Good Customer Service practices or leveraging free resources online to promote Small Business. Membership recruitment events, volunteering events, symposia, Partnerships with local African and Cameroon groups to host events, Mentoring young professionals in the community.

 How do I participate in the Dallas hub?

  • Attend regular hub activities

Who do contact if I have questions about the Dallas hub?

Fofeyin Y. Bonito

Cell – 888-294-0429 Ext. 700

Email – fbonito@cpsociety.org

 Do I need to register to the CPS to attend hub activities?

  • No. The CPS Hub is an opportunity for Cameroonian and African professionals to network together, learn from each other and leverage each other’s networks.
  • We encourage all Cameroonian Professionals to be active member of the CPS – We provide the only forum where Cameroonians meet and network first and foremost as professionals.

 How Do I become a member of the CPS?

 Additional information: 

We are a growing organization and as a non-profit charity we recognize the many challenges ahead of us. We encourage you to be highly interactive and share your ideas for improvements. We strive to be a transparent and open organization. We support each other’s growth and development within the CPS. We strive to be the leading Cameroonian professional organization in the US. Membership recruitment and retention is essential to achieve our mission to serve the Cameroonian community. Feel free to contact any executive member with any concerns or questions about the CPS.