Board of Trustees

The CPS is currently recruiting members of its inaugural Board of Trustees.

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If you have someone to nominate, please see the requirements below.

Who Can Be A Trustee?

Core Principles

  • Cameroonian or non-Cameroonian
  • Individual wants to give back to the community
  • Wants to see Cameroonians make great strides in all arenas
  • Wants to nurture a new class of young and vibrant leaders
  • Wants to make a change
  • Strong reputation of being sincere, professional and with a great work ethic
  • Highly regarded in the community
  • Wants to work with others in improving our communities and our country


  • Number of Trustees: 9
  • Number of Females: At least three (3)
  • Number of Non-Cameroonians: Maximum of two (2)
  • Age Distribution:
    • 41 years and over: At least three (4)
    • 31 – 40 years: Three (3)
    • 25 – 30 years: Three (2)

Professional Experience

  • Must have one member with legal/law background
  • Must have one member from business (preferably a CPA)

Recommended backgrounds but not a MUST to have:

  • Ethics/Theology: One (1)
  • Engineering/IT: One (1)
  • Communication/Journalism (1)
  • Philanthropy: One (1)
  • Medicine/Healthcare: One (1)


  • Trustees should be from as many US states as possible
  • No more than two (2) trustees for one particular state
  • Consideration for minority representation (e.g. at least One (1) Trustee to hail from one of the northern provinces in Cameroon.
  • No more than two Trustees from the same Cameroon province of origin.

To recommend an individual for consideration as a Trustee, please contact us by sending an email to