Besong Powell – Healthcare Professional & Artist

The Cameroon Professional Society, CPS, is proud to recognize Mr. Besong Powell, an exemplary Cameroonian professional.

Besong Powell was born in Limbe in the south west region of Cameroon. There, he grew up and did his Nursery and Primary education before moving to Kumba where he attended Secondary and High school. After graduating from St. Francis High School Kumba, he enrolled into ST. VERONICA’S SCHOOL OF NURSING AND MIDWIFERY (BIAKA) in Buea through a Government Entrance Exam and studied nursing for four years, graduating as a registered nurse (RN) in Cameroon. After graduating, he did a lot of voluntary work in the Buea Provincial Hospital Annex and the Limbe Provincial Hospital while waiting for integration from the Government.  He also volunteered in many other small villages like Bombe, Ebonji, Bazeng and Tombel to help educate the population on Communicable Diseases (CD) and Sexually Transmittable Diseases (STD).

In 2008, Besong travelled to the United States where he started a new life. One of his goals upon arriving in the US was to own and run an NGO to take care of patients with intellectual disabilities and also orphans back in Cameroon. He enrolled into Capital Health Institute in DC where he obtained an LPN diploma. He is currently a student in UMUC doing a Dual Master’s Degree-Masters in Health Care Administration, MHCA, and Masters of Science in Nursing, MSN. He currently works with a non-profit organization as a Residential Supervisor and also volunteers with several companies that help the needy. Besong intends to open an NGO by the end of 2013 in Cameroon called THE ARC OF KUPE-MUANENGUBA (TARCKUPEM).

Apart from working in the health care industry,Besong is passionate about acting and is a member of Cameroon Movies Association (KAMWOOD) and also a singer. His first Album will be released this summer and the proceeds would go to support the TARCKUPEM.

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