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Ayuk Ogork – President, Cameroon Deaf Organization (CAMDEO)


The Cameroon Professional Society, CPS, is proud to recognize Mr. Ayuk Ogork, an exemplary Cameroonian Professional.

Ayuk Ogork was born on September 11, 1975 in Wum in the North West Region in Cameroon and was nearly a year old, when his parents discovered that he was deaf. Not knowing the degree of deafness, his parents traveled with him for over seven hundred miles on dusty roads to consult the only audiologist in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The doctor declared Ayuk profoundly deaf and in total disbelief, his parents still ordered a hearing aid for him. To try the device, they took Ayuk for a walk down the busiest street in town, hoping he could pick up some sounds. This too was a futile effort. Overcoming this hearing loss became his parent’s greatest challenge and they were determined to see Ayuk succeed in life.

Ayuk’s parents had no idea of the existence of a deaf school in the country so they sent him to a regular nursery school. His teacher was very challenged by his presence in the class. She did everything to encourage him to do all the activities the hearing children carried out. It was most challenging when it came to singing and cultural activities. He could not sing or hear the sound of the music.  He just watched the other children sing and dance and tried to imitate them. During official school concerts all eyes were on Ayuk, to see what he could do. His good performances in and out of class convinced his parents that all was not lost.

The opportunity of a lifetime came when Ayuk was five, and his parents learnt of the first deaf elementary school, Ephphatha Institute for the Deaf, Kumba (EID), located in the South West Region in Cameroon. Ayuk was forced to live away from home at this young age. The separation was very painful and he thought his parents just saw this as good riddance for him. He soon found out that it was for his good and he remains grateful to his parents for doing this. It was at EID that Ayuk learnt to communicate in school using Sign Language and he made wonderful friends, especially the one who carried him on his bicycle to and from school daily.

camdeo1At the age of 11, another opening came for Ayuk to continue his studies at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School in Washington, D.C.  For fear of getting lost in transit, his name and final destination were boldly written out and hung on his neck.

Here, he saw in America a different world with golden opportunities for children with hearing loss. Model Secondary School for the Deaf and Gallaudet University experiences really opened his mind to the world and enabled him to discover the potentials of Deaf people if given equal opportunities as their hearing peers. His inspiration is from other deaf people who have succeeded in life.

Ayuk has come a long way to be holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and a Masters’ Degree in Leisure Services Administration. Ayuk never allowed the surrounding circumstances to limit him but he looked around and used every available opportunity to develop his potentials. His focus has always been on overcoming the challenge, rather than on his being deaf.

Presently, Ayuk is a Residential Educator at Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) and recently, he earned an award for 10 years of meritorious service in the school.  He is married and a father of four.

In 2012, Ayuk was elected President of the Cameroon Deaf Organization (CAMDEO). CAMDEO is a 501 C non-profit organization that promotes deaf awareness and deaf education in Cameroon. Membership is open to people of all nationalities who share the cause and ideals of CAMDEO. CAMDEO works in partnership with the Cameroon Deaf Empowerment Organization, CDEO, and other organizations and individuals to provide scholarships for students in schools for the deaf in Cameroon such as the Ephphatha Institute for the Deaf (EID) Kumba.

camdeo2Under Ayuk’s dynamic leadership, CAMDEO has accomplished a lot:

  • Furnished EID Kumba with Computers donated by the Destiny World Church (DWC) Austell GA, USA
  • Furnished EID Kumba with Books donated by State Rep Hon. Erica Thomas of Atlanta GA, USA
  • In collaboration with Gallaudet University, placed students on Internship to in EID Kumba
  • Obtained grants for introducing Poultry Farming in Ephphatha Institute for the Deaf, Kumba
  • Sourcing for scholarships for the children in EID
  • Sourcing for volunteers to go to EID to share their skills
  • Organized a 6 km run race in collaboration with Metro Run & Walk on 24rd April, 2016 to raise funds for EID

CAMDEO is sourcing for funding to build a girl`s dormitory, sewing and wood workshops, a multi-media center Home Economics Center and more Classrooms.

Please make any donations to:

Cameroon Deaf Organization

Online PayPal: Camdeo.org

Contact: CAMDEO

6539 Riefton Court

Alexandria VA.   22310

Text Phone: 571-242-7699

Email: Ayukogork@gmail.com

Website: www.cdeoocrs.org

Ayuk will greatly appreciate the public’s interest in CAMDEO as well as the desire to further her cause. No contribution is too small and every gesture helps their mission to improve education and living conditions for the deaf community in Cameroon.

Do you know any exemplary Cameroonian Professionals? Please send their profile to info@cpsociety.org